The Geopolitics of the Third Reich

Auteur: Perry Pierik

ISBN: 9789463383172
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 342
Publicatie datum: 30-11-2017
Prijs: € 29.95

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The Geopolitics of the Third Reich

Besides the persecution and annihilation of the Jewish community, the quest for Lebensraum was a pillar of the Nazi’s ideology. The march east, operation ‘Barbarossa’ (1941), was essentially the final part of the geopolitics of the Third Reich. Historian Pierik takes readers into the world of ideas behind these politics, where cold blooded, rational elements go hand in hand with myths and radical beliefs.

An example of solid and, more importantly, understandable historiography
-Jan Jespers

Important step in a necessary discussion
-Louis Ferron

Orpheus-like descent
-Herman Veenhof

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