Thule and the Third Reich

Auteur: Perry Pierik

ISBN: 9789464870114
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 338
Publicatie datum: 09-06-2023
Prijs: € 29.95

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Thule and the Third Reich

Long before Hitler entered the stage, ariosop-ic thought already thrived in Germany en Europe. This boek provides a peak into one of the oldest sources on this theme: the early work of Rudolf von Sebottendorff, a mystical man who prophesied the downfall of the fatherland as a consequence of the stab-in-the-back myth. The grounds for anti-semitism, which became more fertile after the German defeat of November 1918, was formed by, a.o, Sebottendorff, as frontman of the Thule Society; a myterious and intellectual society that was determined to safe Germany from the ‘Jewish communism’. They became the people who cleared a path for Hitler and the NSDAP. After 1933, Hitler banned the publications of Sebottendorff and the Thule Society disappeared into the background of history. Now, the old text of Sebottendorff’s book Bevor Hitler kam (Before Hitler Came) is avaliable again and translated for the first time. The historic Perry Pierik wrote the introduction and annotated the text.

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