The natural evolution as a source of ethics

Auteur: Gerrit Teule

ISBN: 9789464245714
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 96
Publicatie datum: 14-06-2021
Prijs: € 17.95

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The natural evolution as a source of ethics

An important question in the philosophy of ethics is the simple and practical question: What to do? This applies not only to personal decisions, but also to decisions to be taken by a community, a country, a continent or even a decision at a global level. In order to answer that question, knowledge of good and evil is necessary, and this knowledge is therefore also part of ethics. But where do we get this ethical knowledge? Are we making it up all by ourselves? Is it something typically human? Does it only apply to the modern rational thinking human being? Or is it possible to distil from nature, and in particular the oldest physics of evolution, guidelines that can serve as a basis for an almost eternal natural ethics, useful in our time and our future? Is this a solid natural basis for an enhanced ecological thinking that we need today?

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