The Crimea

Auteur: Perry Pierik

ISBN: 9789461536402
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 146
Publicatie datum: 28-11-2014
Prijs: € 17.95

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The Crimea

The Crimea attracts a great deal of interest. The area is of great emotional value to Moscow. How this came about history teaches us from 1941 up to 1942, when Von Manstein’s 11th army invaded the Crimea and began the siege of Sevastopol. It was the start of the heroic defense of the city by the Red Army. This book also elaborates on the massive collaboration of the Crimean-Tatars and the blood of the Jews which sticks to the hands of SS-officer Otto Ohlendorf and the Einsatzgruppe D.

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