The Soldier Life was in our Blood

Auteur: Perry Pierik, Marcel Reijmerink

ISBN: 9789464870183
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 153
Publicatie datum: 17-07-2023
Prijs: € 19.95

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The Soldier Life was in our Blood

During the 90’s, two young historians travel to Budapest. How-ever, fate interviens. The car battery dies in Beieren. When the car stops, the two historians find themselves in Bad Reichenhall, the town where Karl Ullrich, one of the most wellknown commanders of the infamous Waffen-SS divisions ‘Totenkopf’ and ‘Wiking’, lives. An unplanned meeting turns into an interview that lasts multiple days, which gives a unique perspective on the life of this officer. He shares his past so openly that one could mistake this for his confession.

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