From Anunnaki to Illuminati

Auteur: Jaap Rameijer

ISBN: 9789464626841
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 414
Publicatie datum: 20-05-2022
Prijs: € 39.95

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From Anunnaki to Illuminati

There is an alternative history of life on this planet. Jaap Rameijer, known for his revelations about Rennes-le-Château and Glastonbury, outlines the secrets of the Anunnaki and the Illuminati to the reader. He shows how our early history was a history of slavery, where gold had to be mined for the gods. It was an era of high technology, of old gods and new gods, of very old civilizations and their imposing structures, of the clay tablets, the Bible and other religious scriptures and of the many disasters that befell the earth. Humanity lives and lived among secret societies with their hidden agendas. Lucifer and the Satanists made their ascent, as did UFOs, Orbs, Crop Circles and the Spirit World. Courageous writers rang the bell and try to warn humanity, while alien civilizations watch us carefully.

This is a revealing book, in which the author formulates a preliminary synthesis from the many uncertainties. A speculative book, then, but in that sense a grindstone for the mind and ahead of its time. Intended to wake us up and make us aware of the dangers that threaten the earth. But Rameijer also wrote a book full of hope, with wonderful stories and good advice. A book of Light and Love, in which we gain a little more insight into the Great Cosmic Plan, the Cosmic Experiment of which we are now a part and the role we have to play in it. All under the supervision of the Galactic Council.

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