Auteur: Modita van Zummeren

ISBN: 9789463385152
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Aantal pagina's: 290
Publicatie datum: 24-10-2018
Prijs: € 19.95

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One third of humanity goes through one or more depressions in the course of his or her lifetime. Western treatment is often a kind which appeals to the process of thinking and/or the prescription of antidepressants. Modita van Zummeren has experienced – both as a medical doctor and during her own depressions – that this treatment doesn’t work in most cases. In this book she describes how finally and definitively she came out of her depressions with consciousness.

This book contains guidelines to come out of depression without antidepressants and with consciousness, with the help of among other things: Accepting the depression, Family Constellations, the Active Meditations from the Eastern Mystic Osho, Body Oriented Therapy and finding Passion in life.

Modita (1962) is a (non-practising) doctor of medicine and since 1995 facilitates meditation courses, meditative therapies, silent meditation weekends in Nature and family constellations. She works in an accessible, enthusiastic way, with wisdom and out of warm interest in others.

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