Hans L.M. Dassen

“Every day, eight billion people are all trying to find their own way. Only two aspects are important here: the way in which each of them does this individually, and their mutual relations”, according to author Hans Dassen (Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 1944).
The path taken by Dassen’s own life served as the source of inspiration for this new philosophy of man. Before setting out on a full theoretical description of this philosophy, Dassen introduces us to it in a practical sense: dialogues with a writer, contemporary philosophers, psychologists and the Pope.

Dassen’s path has been a colourful succession of experiences both professional and private. In the 1970s and 1980s he was a successful lawyer and solicitor in The Hague; he advised the Christian Democratic group in the Dutch Lower House on social issues and served as a consultant to and officer of a number of bodies represented in the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands. In his work, he repeatedly found himself confronted with issues in relation to truth and wisdom, in which he developed a deep interest. Parallel to his professional development, Dassen was always greatly interested in painting, mainly by French artists. The art of painting – modern painting in particular – elicited questions about beauty and convinced him to become an amateur philosopher. Resolved to further his development in the field of philosophy and ethics, he undertook course work at the University of Amsterdam. This book, on a new philosophy of man, is the result not only of his personal search but more importantly, the answers he found.

In addition to this book setting forth his philosophy, Dassen publishes articles, while his ideas can be found on Anthroopos.com. This website is part of Dassen’s Anthroopos foundation which he established in 2008 to stimulate further scientific research, dialogue and public debate on philosophical anthropology.

Dassen also pioneers as a philosophy coach. Based on his own philosophy, he and his clients examine how ethical, social or political issues can have an inhibiting or liberating effect on personal or business choice processes. Dassen has two adult sons and lives in Berg en Terblijt together with his partner.

Boeken van Hans L.M. Dassen

A new philosophy of man & humanism

Hans L.M. Dassen

ISBN: 9789464629095
Soort boek: Paperback / softback
Prijs: € 22.95
Hans L.M. Dassen

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